Aidan from Bitsbox

An interview with Aidan Chopra, co-founder of kid-friendly coding language Bitsbox. Teaching kids about STEM is important!

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This week, Ken is joined by Aidan Chopra, co-founder of Bitsbox — a kid-friendly web-based coding language. It's not as much a formal interview as it is a discussion about the genesis of Bitsbox and the importance of teaching kids about coding, computers, and STEM in general.

Bitsbox is, in case you didn't know, a tech startup based in Boulder, Colorado. It's free to use online; they make their money selling teaching materials and subscription boxes; in fact, they were just voted (and then not for the first time) the best subscription box for kids for 2019 in the CUBE Awards at this year's Subcription Summit. Scouter Ken treats his Cub Scouts to at least one evening of Bitsbox coding every year, as part of their exploration of STEM under Scouts Canada's program.


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