This is an encore presentation of Episode 8: Effectively leading a Scout group, at any age level, means having good communication between the leaders.

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This week, Ken and Colin discuss an important facet of effectively running a Scout group, regardless of what section it is or what the ages of the youth are. That facet is communication between the leaders. And in addition to stressing how important it is to have an effective communication channel between all your leaders that all of them are willing to participate in, we touch on the need for a succession plan in your group's leadership structure, and also emphasize the benefits of planning weeks or months worth of events in advance.

Also, as promised, you can find some information about Scouts Canada's Scouters Five concept here, and here.


Firstly, we'd like to give a shout-out to whomever nominated Scouting Stuff for inclusion on Podbean's list of Featured Podcasts under the Government & Organizations category. That is a curated list, and for a podcast to appear thereupon, the listeners of that podcast must nominate it for consideration. So, whoever did that: a shout-out to you!

And we'd also like to give a shout-out to Kelly Bruce, who sent us a message on Facebook. Our apologies, Kelly; we weren't able to bring Brian on board for this episode, so we weren't able to set up a compare-and-contrast discussion concerning Kub Kars and the Pinewood Derby. But that's coming soon!

As always, a big thank you to the folks at Scouting Radio for rebroadcasting Scouting Stuff episodes to their worldwide Scouting audience. If you're listening to us on Scouting Radio right now, let us know; reach out and get in touch. We'd love to hear from you.

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