Scouts Canada has seen steady growth in membership, so we ask: how can you — yes, you — foster group growth?

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It turns out that Scouting Stuff is doing rather well on the iTunes charts, all things considered. We're ranked #165 on the top 200 Government and Organizations podcasts in Canada, and #72 in the Non-Profit sub-category thereof. And we are doing even better in the United Kingdom, where we rank #115 and #52, respectively.

And we're one of the Featured Podcasts at our podcast host!

So: a big thank you to everyone who listens to the podcast, and who has subscribed to it, and to whomever nominated us to Podbean for the featured spot. It's very humbling to see Scouting Stuff doing as well as it is, and it is all due to you...the listeners.

Scouting Renaissance in Canada

Scouting, as a movement, has seen steady growth in Canada; this year, seventeen of the country's twenty Scouts Canada councils are on track to see their membership increase. And our own council, Northern Lights, has the highest number of areas with 10% (or more) growth!

Which leads us to ask: how do you grow a Scout group?

And in a way, this gets us back to Retention. That's a topic we covered a while ago, back in Episode 6.


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