There are a lot of neat natural ways to find your direction of travel, assess the weather, and whatnot. Hopefully, you never end up lost! But if you do...what is the best thing to do?

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Follow-Up From Previous Episode

Listener danteplay sent in his thoughts on our last episode:

I'll try to keep it short but I had ideas through the entire Podcast. Great topic! My feeling is the Canadian Path is not jut for the youth. It is also up to Scouters to choose their own path. That may mean turning down some things. Volunteerism is a learned behavior in my opinion. I learned it from my Dad. My pack-aged son is learning it from me. The younger youth also need a proper life balance. My son is a cub helper in colony. He's in pack of course. Swim lesons and house league basketball take up another couple of nights. Yesterday he told me he signed up to be a lunch monitor with the younger grades. He was sad that he couldn't sign up for more than he did due to a conflict with track and field at school. I had to tell him it's ok to not volunteer for everything.

We couldn't agree more. Knowing what you can commit to be involved with, and knowing what the limits of your involvement should be...these are both important things.

Podcast Topic(s)

Ken and Colin sit down to discuss a great article at Atlas Obscura that talks about various natural methods and signs that can be used to find your way (at least in the Northern Hemisphere), or to spot impending weather changes. And then we talk a bit about what to do when one gets lost outdoors.

Also, here’s a photo of the Cub Scout handbooks that are mentioned in the episode, which finished printing just before this episode went up:



The first shout-out goes to Dan, who sent along his thoughts as a new listener:

I found your podcast a few weeks ago and have enjoyed the past couple episodes. I am now going back to review previous episodes. You are doing a great service to Scouting, Thank you!

And a second shout-out goes to Matt, from Australia, who wrote in again:

G'day Guys
I am really impressed with what your podcast brings to my knowledge of the world of scouting. It's great because I have so many different ideas that are outside of the resources available to me in Australia.

My Scout den is running JOTA JOTI this year and I would love the chance for my Joeys to be able to talk to some Canada Beaver. Could you please let me know what you have planned and maybe we could make a contact.

Also if you ever what to talk about how we do things down under I would be keen to talk.


Joey leaders have native animals for scout names

Thirdly, a shout-out for Paul, who is new to Scouting, and who had a popcorn question:

Just started scouting (Scouter Paul of 10th Barrie) also the 10th Barrie treasurer. Went looking for a scouts podcast and found yours. So far great stuff. One question though how do I signup for the Scout/Square partnership to get the $1500 allowance?

This is the link to follow for that:

Finally, as always, a big thank you to the folks at Scouting Radio for rebroadcasting Scouting Stuff episodes to their worldwide Scouting audience. If you're listening to us on Scouting Radio right now, let us know; reach out and get in touch. We'd love to hear from you.

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