Who knew the humble Scout neckerchief had such rich history and cool traditions associated with it?

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Colin and Ken are joined this week by Parker, a recent Eagle Scout (you'll recall he wrote in recently) to discuss the humble Scout neckerchief — its history, its role in the Scout's uniform, and some of the traditions associated with it. As one might expect, there are also some notable differences in how Scouts Canada approaches the necker, versus how Boy Scouts of America does.


Boy Scouts of America Guide to Awards and Insignia: https://filestore.scouting.org/filestore/pdf/33066_section1.pdf

Scouts Canada Wiki on Neckers: http://wiki.scouts.ca/en/Necker

Scouts Canada Wiki on the Friendship Knot: http://wiki.scouts.ca/en/Friendship_Knot

How to Make a Necker: https://scoutdocs.ca/Documents/Making_a_Necker.php

Scout Neckerchief Story: http://nepean.voyageur.scouts.ca/sites/default/files/Scout%20Neckerchief%20Story.pdf


We have a couple shout-outs to give this week, first to Nancy, and then to Cindy. Both of them left us five star ratings on Facebook, for which we're very grateful! (Nancy was also a guest of ours on a previous show we did, Episode 51.)

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