Popcorn sales for the 2018-2019 Scouting season won't start for a few months, but Groups should begin preparing now.

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Scouter Mike and Scouter Carolyn, the popcorn fundraising champions from Scouts Canada's Battlefields Council, join Scouter Ken yet again for an introduction to next year's Scout Popcorn fundraising campaign. A lot has changed since last year: the lanyards and pins that served as rewards for achieving particular milestones in popcorn sales have gone away, and instead, Scout Groups can get a 20% discount on items at their local Scout Shop that they intend to use as popcorn prizes (if you bring in this form).

The product line is mostly the same, thankfully; Scout Popcorn is nothing if not delicious just as it is. The packaging has changed a bit, however.

As well, the Popcorn Campaign Kit is now available in an entirely digital format; it includes the order form, goal-setting sheets, thank you notes (something Scouter Ken's group had been doing on their own for a while), sample scripts, scholarship information, incentive information, and a review template to be used during and after the campaign to get feedback on how popcorn sales went for your Group.


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