Episode 73 - #Venturers50

Venturer Scouts turns fifty this year...in Canada, at least.

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It seemed only fitting to close out 2018 with a discussion about Venturer Scouts, the second-to-oldest youth section in Scouts Canada. Why? Because it was fifty years ago — 1968 — that the Venturer Scout section was formally introduced to the Scouting program in Canada.

Venturer Scouting actually began in Australia, and then in the mid-1940s. Similarly, Senior Scouts — the program that eventually became Venturing in Scouts BSA — began in the late 1930s. So whereas 2018 also marks the global 100th anniversary of Rover Scouts, the 50th anniversary of Venturer Scouts that is being marked by this episode is specific to Canada.

As such, Ken and Colin recount some memories of their time as Venturers, and also discuss the program and some of the changes it has seen in recent years, especially under the Canadian Path...particularly as regards awards and badges.


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