Scouts Canada announces the shuttering of several of its equipment shops, and makes a surprising policy change regarding knives.

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Ken and Colin revisit the topic of knives — which we discussed in January, in one of our first episodes of 2019 — in light of some recent changes to Scouts Canada's BP&P (Bylaws, Policies, and Procedures). In particular, the Knives, Axes, Saws, Camp Stoves, Lanterns, and Other Camping Tools Standards have seen a significant bit of overhaul, including this already-in-force restriction on the kinds of knives that can be carried by Scouts Canada members at Scouting events.

Note: At the time this episode was recorded, the policy statements pertaining to knives read as follows:

2. Members will only use folding, lock-blade knives for program activities. The blade shall be 8.5 centimetres long or less.

3. All other knives are not permitted in Scouting activities without the express approval of the Group Commissioner, as detailed and approved on the Outdoor Activity application form and with the appropriate risk management plan.

Since this episode was recorded, however, the policy statements have been amended, and now read:

2. For program activities, members may only use knives with blades 10 centimetres long or less.

3. All other knives must be approved by the Group Commissioner based on a program plan and appropriate risk management plan.

This episode was recorded prior to these policy updates being made, and so includes a number of thoughts about the then-extant restriction on fixed-blade knives, a change which would have impacted both Ken and Colin's use of Mora knives in Scouting activities. 

Also discussed is the rather unfortunate news that a number of Scout Shops in Canada will be closing their doors, including the one in Ken and Colin's home city of Edmonton.


We've got a shout-out this week for Chris, from the 1st Powell River Group, who wrote in as follows:

Hi Scouters Ken and Colin,

I just wanted to send you guys a note from the west coast to say thank you for your podcast. It's really helped me get back into scouting after an almost 30-year hiatus. I was a cub and a scout back in the 80s. Things have changed over the years.

A handful of parents, myself included, are currently working to get 1st Powell River Scouting revived after the group went dormant almost two years ago. We're hoping to have our first Colony and Pack meetings next month. Your podcast has been really great to listen to as it's helped to fill in some of the gaps in my understanding (all the scouters are either completely new or have only a few years experience with other groups) and provide some helpful tips and pitfalls to avoid. Mostly though, we're all very enthusiastic about getting this group going again and it's really great to hear you guys talk about scouting stuff. Keep up the great work!

And as always, a big thank you to the folks at Scouting Radio for rebroadcasting Scouting Stuff episodes to their worldwide Scouting audience. If you're listening to us on Scouting Radio right now, let us know; reach out and get in touch. We'd love to hear from you.

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