Membership in Scouting costs a certain amount; there's a registration fee. Scout Groups, however, may opt to charge extra, above and beyond this amount.

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Firstly, a correction: Shortly before the publication of our most recent episode about knives, Scouts Canada corrected the relevant bylaws and policies pertaining to knives, removing the restriction against fixed-blade knives and increasing the maximum permitted blade length to 10 cm. As such, most of the concerns expressed in that episode are no longer valid.

In this episode, then, Ken and Colin discuss registration fees; Scouts Canada is currently conducting early-bird registration for returning members, with general registration opening up in another week or so. And within the online registration tool used by Scouts Canada, individual Groups have the option to add their own fees as a surcharge to the base membership fee.

Some Groups don't utilize this feature, whereas others do. This episode, then, revisits the issue of fundraising, and the use of this surcharge feature as a means of encouraging (or offsetting) fundraising. Also discussed is how to better encourage parents to volunteer with Groups in their varied fundraising efforts.


Firstly, a big shout-out to Mark, who runs Big Man in the Woods (a Scouting-focused blog, and also a series of vlogs). Mark wrote in to say:

Loving your podcast!

As a fellow podcaster,blogger and Vlogger about scouts and camping, I just wanted to touch base with you and say how much I've enjoyed listening to your podcast.

Mark's website is well worth checking out, by the way!

And as always, a big thank you to the folks at Scouting Radio for rebroadcasting Scouting Stuff episodes to their worldwide Scouting audience. If you're listening to us on Scouting Radio right now, let us know; reach out and get in touch. We'd love to hear from you. 

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