Family Training Event

In which we learn all about Alberta's Family Training Event camp, a yearly event aimed at improving Scouter training.

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Every August, the Family Training Event (FTE) takes place at Camp Woods, a Scout Camp situated on the south shore of Sylvan Lake in Alberta, Canada. This week-long (actually, longer) event is aimed at improving the training level of Scouters throughout Scouts Canada's Northern Lights and Chinook councils, though it is well-attended by people from outside the boundaries of these councils as well.

In this episode, Ken is joined by Dave Betts (Deputy Council Commissioner for Volunteer Support in Northern Lights Council) and Josee Francis (Marketing and Communications Coordinator for the Western Training Committee) to discuss FTE — what its aim is, why it's a fantastic experience, what Scouters and Scouting youth can get out of the experience, and what the theme for this year's FTE is.


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