Food Handling

Because nobody wants to spend all camp sick and in the outhouse.

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Ken and Colin discuss Pacific Jamboree, which is taking place this week at Camp Barnard, near Sooke, British Columbia (itself on Vancouver Island). And this invites discussion not only of food plans at large events such as PJ, but also how food should be stored and safely handled in general when one is adventuring in the outdoors.


We have a shout-out this week for Jerimy, who wrote in concerning the last full episode we published:

Very interesting episode this week. Scouter with 12 years experience in BSA, listening from the 45th Parallel on the Pacific Coast.
Your impromptu guests’s questions regarding including scouts with needs lead me to share a situation that I’ve been blessed to witness.
A family in a neighboring district has 2 youth aged for Scouts BSA, one does not have any apparent disability and appears to do well in his unit. The other is in need of, if not constant, regular assistance.
Fortunate for this scout, his parents to provide for his assistance where necessary, however the other scouts in the unit are remarkably supportive to the scout (and the family) and are consistently lending a hand when the help is appropriate.
This unit deserves high praise for the ways that their members band together to help make this young person grow more handi-capable.

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