Kub Kars and Banter

Some thoughts on how to tune Kub Kars, Beaver Buggies, and Scout Express trucks for performance. Among other things.

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Ken and Colin, having not had the opportunity to catch up and record an episode in over a month, spend a good deal of this episode bantering about recent goings on, camps they’ve helped out at, and Ken’s visits with Scout Troops and Cub Packs in North Dakota.

However. with the recently-completed Beaver Hills/Rivers Edge Vehicle Rally still fresh in his mind, Ken does offer some thoughts on how to tune Beaver Buggies, Kub Kars, and Scout Express trucks for better performance on the track.


The first shout-out goes to Scouter Doug from the 1st Leduc Cub Pack; he and Ken met at Funarama (a weekend activity camp for Cub Scouts). Doug started listening to pass the time during physical therapy, stuck around thereafter, and has continued to enjoy episodes. He gave Ken a Secret Agent crest.

Another shout-out goes to Scouter Nat from 169th Glen Allen group; she’s a recent listener, introduced to the podcast by Scouter Lightning from the same group. Scouter Lightning also gets a shout-out for introducing Nat to the podcast, and for the shout out he gave to the podcast at the Beaver Hills/Rivers Edge Vehicle Rally.

There’s a long-overdue shout-out we owe to Jerimy Colbert, who sent a couple messages to us via Facebook:

Listening to the Orienteering episode, another fun discussion.
You asked for feedback on terms used to describe distance.
Human scale: feet, inches.
Material: yards.
In-town driving: blocks, stoplights.
Out-of-town driving: hours, pit stops.

He also chimed in more recently, just before Christmas:

In reference to your conversation on listeners missing the pod, I’m listening through the Stitcher app, and have been getting the “bonus” pods as well as the full episodes.
Have a Merry Christmas, and Happy Holidays!

So, a big thanks to Jerimy for confirming that our episodes are coming through, and for giving his thoughts on commonly-used units.

Still yet another shout-out goes to JP Torunski sent in a message to the podcast’s Facebook page:

I started listening to the podcast July before Christmas. It’s great! Thanks for doing this.

JP is the Akela with the 36th Ottawa Cub Pack.

Additionally, Scouter Tara followed up after the episode about campfire blankets, which her children had suggested as a topic:

Hello Scouter Podcast (aka Scouter Colin and Scouter Ken),

We usually listen to your podcast while driving in our minivan to scouting adventures. I wanted to say thank you for doing the podcast on campfire blankets. I now have two very happy little Bluetail twins, Keiran and Keagan. We have listened to the episode many, many, many times now. :)  We also have an older son, Samuel, in Scouts and my husband is also a Scouter.

We also appreciated the mention in the episode on "Why Stay in Scouting?" I usually hear a happy chorus of something like, "Scouter Podcast said your name!" I wanted to let you know we appreciated the dialogue on transitioning between sections and found it helpful.

A small contingent from our Manitoba club came out to FTE 2019. It was nice to learn more about FTE 2020 in your "People Matter" episode. I am hoping to make it out this year and maybe I'll see you there!

And as always, a big thank you to the folks at Scouting Radio for rebroadcasting Scouting Stuff episodes to their worldwide Scouting audience. If you're listening to us on Scouting Radio right now, let us know; reach out and get in touch. We'd love to hear from you.


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