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Ken and Colin — still practicing social distancing and recording via the podcast’s Discord server (guests always welcome!) — are joined by Jerimy to discuss the topic of staves — also known as staffs, quarterstaffs, and probably by a few other terms as well. Once much more commonplace, the crafting and use of staves by Scouts has fallen by the wayside in recent decades; if Wikipedia can be believed, they’ve not been considered part of the kit that attend’s a Scout’s uniform since the mid-1960s, for example.

So obviously, if your council or national organization has forebade the usage of staves in Scouting activities, please disregard the exhortations to take on crafting a staff as an activity during this extended period of suspended group meetings and isolation at home.

That being said, a well-fashioned staff can be a useful thing indeed, and if multiple Scouts in a troop have staves, then the uses multiply considerably. A single staff can be used to navigate rough terrain, test the depth of bodies of water, or even form the basis of a simple shelter; multiple staves can be combined to fashion stretchers, raise flags, and help a troop navigate and find/not lose each other in the dark.

Making a Scout staff is not a quick activity, either; it’s a lengthy process that involves selecting an appropriate spar of wood, drying it, removing some or all of the bark, carving and etching to personalize it, and then varnishing/lacquering/preserving it against the elements. These are the basics; there are a few different instruction sets which can be found online (see: here, here, and/or here).

But, as we search for ways to keep our youth engaged in Scouting in this time of isolation, encouraging the creation of staves — if, again, it is permitted in your council and national organization — might be a worthwhile thing. It will require your Scouts to first find a suitable spar for making a staff, will get them doing some knife work (Cubs should be supervised in doing this, of course), and will result in the creation of a physical artifact that will, hopefully, be a focal point for many years of Scouting memories to follow.


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