Kicked out from a Cub Pack, vetoed budgets, butterflies at Girl Scout Camps, food drives...and, of course, JOTA-JOTI.

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News Stories

Boy kicked out of Scouts den for grilling senator on gun control

Boy Scouts of America works with family to find new den for booted Cub Scout

Boy Scouts caught unprepared by Gov. Scott's veto

Renovations, Butterflies Lead to Girl Scouts Camp Closure

Scotch Plains Cub Scouts Help Fellow Scouts in Texas Devastated by Hurricane Harvey

Finally, it was JOTA-JOTI this past weekend; thousands of Scouts met with each other not in person, but online and over the airwaves. JOTA-JOTI will take place from October 19th to 21st next year. We here at the podcast would like to give a special nod of thanks to the folks at ScoutLink, who maintain the IRC, TeamSpeak, and Minecraft servers that make JOTI possible.

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