Honouring veterans and the fallen in war, a 70-year mystery solved, Google's robotics grant...and Scouting, always Scouting for Food.

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It was Remembrance Day this past weekend — Veteran's Day in the United States, and Armistice Day in other parts of the world — and Scouts in many places turned out to show respect for the fallen, soldiers and others who made the ultimate sacrifice in different conflicts over the last century.

Cub Scouts host brunch for vets in Pottsville

Boy Scouts troop in Phoenix retire more than a dozen US flags on Veterans Day

Sister of tragic boy, 12, who drowned on Scouts trip in 1947 finally finds mystery mourner who has been leaving flowers at his grave for nearly 70 years

Google $50,000 grant to help double size of Girl Scouts robotics program in Western Wash.

As the Thanksgiving season nears in the United States, many Boy Scout troops have been turning their efforts to food drives:

Boy scouts build weather station at Sterling Elementary

Gasport's Boy Scouts Troop 18 celebrates being around for 70 years

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