Camps, camps, and more camps, a high houour for a long-time Scouting volunteer...and who wouldn't want to play Backcountry Bingo?

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News Stories

Burk's Falls resident given one of Scouts Canada's highest honours

Scouting for teens who love outdoor adventure

Woman shooting in her yard frightens Cub Scouts camping out nearby

Atlanta’s Women Cybersecurity Leaders Stoke Interest in Tech with Girl Scouts

Backcountry Bingo cards encourage Scouts to pay attention to the world around them

Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts compete at Mount Rubidoux District camporee

Boy Scouts Camporee wraps up in Townsend

Girl Scouts beat the heat at summer camp

Boy Scouts explore the world at Osage Trails District Passport to Adventure Day Camp

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And just a note of apology: With all of the recent camp activity, we've been a bit behind on finding time to sit down with to record new full Scouting Stuff episodes. Our aim is still to have a new episode coming out this week, but if not, please be patient; Scouter Ken's schedule should be quieting down a bit after this week, which will hopefully allow the podcast to return to its regular bi-weekly release cycle.

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Unexpected Hoedown in Bagging Area, by Doctor Turtle

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