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Girl Scouts, Good Samaritans, winter Scouting activities...oh, and a drug bust.

Hiking for Hunger, Torchlight Walks...and some much-deserved recognition for at least one Scouting volunteer.

A discussion of packing lists: what to include on them, and why they're important.

Slightly belated greetings and congratulations to the Scouts of Kyiv on the occasion of Scout-Guide Week.

It's Scout-Guide Week, Jason Momoa helps sell Girl Scout Samoas...and a Scout saves a young boy from whitewater rapids.

In which a solution is proposed for indicating those youth, in a Group, who do not have a public photography consent signed.

Female Cubs earn Arrow of Light awards, Scouts shave their heads...and Kenya's Scouts work with Google for internet safety.

Winter camps for Cubs and Scouts, Scouts rescued in Cyprus...and Girl Scouts partner up for STEM, and with superheroes.

UK Cub Scouts break badge-earning records, Boy Scouts explore a glacier...and a Scout Group in Canada marks its centenary.

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