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Another look at Scouts Canada’s Personal Achievement Badges, and other crests as well.

Buddhist Scouts, emergency preparedness, Distinguished Citizens, and free Parks Canada admission next year.

Scouts selling Christmas trees, a new Cub Pack, pushback over female Boy Scouts...and an award for Scouts who learned to ring church bells.

Scouter Nancy joins us to discuss differences between the Cub Scouts programs in Canada and the United States, and what impacts allowing girls to join will have on her Cub Pack.

More Scout-led charity drives, Girl Scouts sing and run, Scout leaders switching on Christmas lights...and continued controversy over a recent BSA decision.

Honouring veterans and the fallen in war, a 70-year mystery solved, Google's robotics grant...and Scouting, always Scouting for Food.

We take a brief look back at how Scouting has changed in Canada over the last few decades, and then discuss our own Scouting memories. Subscribe: iTunes | Google Play | Android | ...

Celebrating shared traditions, Girl Scouts keeping a camp, science exhibits and tree planting...and a Scout-themed wedding blessing.

Scouting hall fundraisers, little free pantries, cleaning up tombstones...and three record-setting Eagle Scouts.

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