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What starts as a discussion about recent policy and name changes in Boy Scouts of America soon ends up ranging over many other topics.

Camps, camps, and more camps, a high houour for a long-time Scouting volunteer...and who wouldn't want to play Backcountry Bingo?

A Beaveree in Newfoundland, Scouts launch a satellite...and a somber remembrance of a tornado that struck ten years ago.

With special guests from the Northern Lights Medical Venturers!

Philmont closes due to fire, Scouts stranded on Mount Baker...and once again, Scout groups need volunteers.

STEM Scouting goes to Mars, Scouts explore different faith traditions...and, unfortunately, one young man won't be going home again.

A Scouter goes cycling to raise funds, a climbing wall gets stolen (and then recovered)...and a few more Scouts join the “Every Badge” club.

The Scouts rebrand in the UK, a Boy Scouts maxes out on badges, Girl Scouts lose a court case...and two Scouts meet up with a journalist in India.

Boy Scouts change names (sort of), Mormons cut ties...and Cub Scouts go for a bike ride.

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