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Camp upgrades in Canada, Girl Scouts and girl power, a rafting trip rescue...and some Scouts get booted from a Jamborette for drug use.

Scouts in Newfoundland and England enjoy hiking, Cub Scout competition camps...and Czech Scouts stand up against totalitarianism.

It can't always be about teaching qua teaching.

Girl Scouts release a music video, Boy Scouts help motorcycle crash victims, Scouts Canada bids farewell to a Scouter...and there's a Jamborette going on in Scotland right now.

Philmont closes all backcountry activities, a Scouting museum on the move, the need for new volunteers...and have you heard of the Brisbane Gang Show?

Popcorn sales for the 2018-2019 Scouting season won't start for a few months, but Groups should begin preparing now.

Cleaning up trash, cycling across America, Girl Scouts take to the skies...and it's always great to see Scouting groups grow.

Scout and Guide awards, fundraising and government funding...and tragedy strikes a Scout Camp in Georgia.

What starts as a discussion about recent policy and name changes in Boy Scouts of America soon ends up ranging over many other topics.

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