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Girls join the Boy Scouts, a Wales town council comes under fire for cutting Scout funding...and the Girl Scouts set a record for dunking cookies.

Collecting donations of clothing and food, new Eagle Scouts and Eagle Scout projects, high-tech Girl Scouts...and fundraising for the 2019 World Jamboree.

Food drives, gift boxes, Advent services, anniversaries, and Christmas cheer...and a reminder not to bring your Scout knife with you to school.

Helping the needy, wrapping presents, and selling trees...Scouts and Girl Scouts are busy as Christmas approaches!

Another look at Scouts Canada’s Personal Achievement Badges, and other crests as well.

Buddhist Scouts, emergency preparedness, Distinguished Citizens, and free Parks Canada admission next year.

Scouts selling Christmas trees, a new Cub Pack, pushback over female Boy Scouts...and an award for Scouts who learned to ring church bells.

Scouter Nancy joins us to discuss differences between the Cub Scouts programs in Canada and the United States, and what impacts allowing girls to join will have on her Cub Pack.

More Scout-led charity drives, Girl Scouts sing and run, Scout leaders switching on Christmas lights...and continued controversy over a recent BSA decision.

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