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Kicked out from a Cub Pack, vetoed budgets, butterflies at Girl Scout Camps, food drives...and, of course, JOTA-JOTI.

Girls can join the Boy Scouts of America, Army truck transports, bouncing back from bullying, and a long walk for charity.

How has your exposure to Scouts from other countries influenced your worldview?

Submarine sleepovers, cemetery refurbishments, Scouting building character, and area-wide events.

Boy Scout benefit concerts and fire fighters, Girl Scout events and camp closures, lawsuits, vehicular attacks, enrolment struggles...and beer as a fundraiser.

There are a lot of neat natural ways to find your direction of travel, assess the weather, and whatnot. Hopefully, you never end up lost! But if you do...what is the best thing to ...

What are some strategies to keep Scouters — and youth, for that matter — from burning out on Scouting?

We discuss Scouts Canada's revamped popcorn fundraiser program, which has been given a Canadian Path makeover this year.

This is an encore presentation of Episode 8: Effectively leading a Scout group, at any age level, means having good communication between the leaders.

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