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Damborees and Beaverees, Top Section Awards...and girls are driving Scouting's growth in the UK (and probably elsewhere).

Boy Scouts help out, Girl Scouts teach about smartphones...and Scouts Canada closes up a Scout House.

Aidan from Bitsbox

An interview with Aidan Chopra, co-founder of kid-friendly coding language Bitsbox. Teaching kids about STEM is important!

Boy Scouts subject to lawsuits, Scoutrees in full swing...and Scouting surges in Britain's poorest communities.

Family Training Event

In which we learn all about Alberta's Family Training Event camp, a yearly event aimed at improving Scouter training.

Scouts visit Normandy; Girl Scouts visit state parks...and at least in Massachusetts, Scouting is growing.

Waco girls eager to Eagle, Toyota partners with the Girl Scouts...and remember: don't get your Scouts to deliver political flyers.

Membership in Scouting costs a certain amount; there's a registration fee. Scout Groups, however, may opt to charge extra, above and beyond this amount.

Boy Scouts' files on abusers, Ancaster Scouts need volunteers...and Bethesda add Scouts as a faction to Fallout 76.

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