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We take a brief look back at how Scouting has changed in Canada over the last few decades, and then discuss our own Scouting memories. Subscribe: iTunes | Google Play | Android | ...

Celebrating shared traditions, Girl Scouts keeping a camp, science exhibits and tree planting...and a Scout-themed wedding blessing.

Scouting hall fundraisers, little free pantries, cleaning up tombstones...and three record-setting Eagle Scouts.

A wide-ranging discussion of JOTI and online chat, the Boy Scouts of America and female Scouts, and other topics.

Kicked out from a Cub Pack, vetoed budgets, butterflies at Girl Scout Camps, food drives...and, of course, JOTA-JOTI.

Girls can join the Boy Scouts of America, Army truck transports, bouncing back from bullying, and a long walk for charity.

How has your exposure to Scouts from other countries influenced your worldview?

Submarine sleepovers, cemetery refurbishments, Scouting building character, and area-wide events.

Boy Scout benefit concerts and fire fighters, Girl Scout events and camp closures, lawsuits, vehicular attacks, enrolment struggles...and beer as a fundraiser.

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